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Optimsed Website Copy

Well-written, optimised website content that gets you noticed by both clients and search engines.

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Well-written website copy makes it easy for potential clients to quickly understand what you do and how you can help them, compelling visitors to stay on your site and act — contact you, buy from you, or follow you.

When visitors land on your website you have just seconds to grab their attention and motivate them to stick with you rather than move on to a competitor.

Engaging content, clear messaging, customer-focused wording, and powerful calls to action connect you with clients and make a lasting impression.

Make sure every page has a purpose, embodies your brand tone of voice, and appeals to search engines and humans.

Whether your website needs a re-vamp or writing from scratch, I can help.

Write my website copy.

Blog Writing

Can’t find the time or the words? Tick blog writing off your to-do list and leave it to me.

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Most successful businesses have a blog because they know it will engage readers and help drive traffic.  But if you haven’t got the time to write good posts (or if writing just isn’t your thing) a blog can quickly become more of a burden than a benefit.

The good news is that there are people out there who love writing blog posts.  I’m one of those people, but I also know what I’m doing.

You need blog posts that benefit your readers.  They need to be useful, relevant, informative and entertaining as well as fresh and unique.  So, whatever your field, I will become an expert in it and write posts for you as often as you want them.

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Sum up who you are and what you do with a top-notch tagline.

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You’ve got a great business that’s bursting with benefits for your customers.  But do they know that?

A tagline is a key phrase that accompanies a company name, brand or logo and adds that little something extra.

In that short phrase, you need to clarify who you are, what you do and how you can benefit your clients or customers.  Think of it as a balancing act between clarity and personality.

Whether you’ve got ideas that need polishing or no idea at all, I can help.

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LinkedIn About & Headline Copy

Invest in a LinkedIn summary that you’re proud to put on show.

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Most people loathe writing about themselves. That’s why writing your own LinkedIn profile (otherwise known as your bio, summary or About section) can be so daunting.

But the fact is that your LinkedIn About section is now more important than your CV. It’s the first place people will look for you, so it needs to be brilliant. Not to mention different to everyone else’s out there.

Whether you’re a business professional or a fellow freelancer, I can write or improve your LinkedIn About section and headline so it’s something you’re proud to put on show for 774+ million people. I’ll make sure it captures exactly who you are and what you do, makes you stand out and opens doors to your next opportunity.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that it makes the most of the word count and other LinkedIn rules and is completely error free.

I want a brilliant LinkedIn summary.

 If you need copy, I can write it. What’s more, I’ll make the whole process easy for you so you can tick it off your to-do list and get on with what you do best.

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If you are an agency looking for a freelancer who can fit in and get the job done to a high standard, please make contact.

"We found Clare extremely easy to work with and are very pleased with the results. Thanks to her, we have a website to be proud of. I would highly recommend."

David Sims, Hillside Joinery

“Clare worked with me to write both press releases and blog posts. She took the time to understand our business, and what I was trying to achieve, and produced high quality, relevant and engaging content on time and on budget. She was proactive in suggesting blog posts responding to news stories and media coverage, which saved me both time and headspace!”

Rachel Evans,

"Clare's creative thinking, eloquent writing skills and client-focused approach translate into effective marketing copy that nails the brief every time..."

Rachel Barker, Real Communication

Your voice crafted into unique copy.

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