You’ve finally found someone you trust to build your website, or you’ve done a great job of building it yourself. Your pages are sketched out and you know what you want to say.

Or at least, you thought you did.  Until the moment comes when your perfectly designed pages need filling with copy, and you haven’t quite found the right words.

You are not alone.  Writing good quality copy is important because it gets results. 

But it isn’t easy.  So, if you’ve invested time and money in a decent website or brochure, why wouldn’t you invest in content, too?  In the long run, it will more than pay for itself.

Here’s what you’ll get if you hire a professional copywriter:


You may know what you do, but if it’s not as obvious as a policeman or a postman, others may not.  Busy readers will only spare you seconds to get your message across.  If your copy isn’t clear and interesting, they’ll put your brochure in the bin instead of on the fridge or click back to their Google search and find a competitor who holds their attention.

Copywriting techniques engage readers and show them how good you are, making sure their next click is another page on your website and their next call is to you.


Whether you’re a human or a search engine, you’ll quickly lose interest in content if it’s boring, badly written or a lot like something you read somewhere else.

Professional copywriters know all the tricks to writing interesting, concise, persuasive copy that’s easy and enjoyable to read.  They also know a lot about how to make sure it’s consistent with your brand and sings your message in a voice that’s true to you.

Optimised content

If it’s online content you’re looking for, making sure it can be found is essential.

Google is a sophisticated and ever-changing creature.  It doesn’t like simple keyword stuffing or rambling long sentences that are only there to increase the word count.

Search engines rank high quality, unique content that is interesting and relevant to their users.  Keywords are just one of many SEO strategies, but they’re right up there with the important ones. A professional copywriter will make sure the right keywords are well placed and working hard for you.


You know your business and your story better than anyone, but it’s never easy to write about yourself!  A professional copywriter will listen to you, but then leave you to get on with what you do best while they do all the legwork that goes into creating awesome copy.

That includes carrying out research to find out everything about your business and your field.  Not to mention fully researching your competitors to ensure your brand and your message is unique and speaks louder than theirs.


A misspelt homophone or an apostrophe in the wrong place may go unnoticed by some, but for many it’s an instant mark of unprofessionalism and lack of attention to detail.  Or just plain irritating.  With professionally written copy, you won’t have to worry about that!

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