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Meet Laura

I founded Laura Joyce Wealth Management because I saw a need for a financial planning experience built on a holistic approach. I see a world that’s moving away from transactional sales and traditional jargon and professionals yearning for the reassurance of realism and human empathy.

I believe that we all have a right to financial wellbeing and that financial planning should be inclusive and accessible. I’m in wealth management, but my clients aren’t all wealthy. My vision is for financial planning to become a normal activity in all households.

It’s personal

As a certified financial adviser, I have an unwavering enthusiasm for the complexities of wealth management and a resolute motivation to find the best financial solutions for my clients.

But there’s more to it than that.

I do what I do because as a mum, as a human being, I want to connect with people and help the families behind the figures. What drives me is supporting people through the very personal process of defining what matters to them and making sure they are in a position to fulfil their dreams for the future.

When you work with me you will enjoy a holistic, personalised financial planning experience that is built on trust and has your best interests at its heart.